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So much to do, so many ways to learn

 The Barnehage Daycare Nursery offers education for children aged six weeks to five years.

Children enjoy a welcoming, calm and inclusive approach towards interacting with each other and the staff, through learning to play and playing to learn – outdoors as well as indoors.

The learning experience is diverse and stimulating. Here we blend the Scottish Government guidelines for Pre-Birth to Three and A Curriculum for Excellence, with the Norwegian practice of nursery provision as an extension of home-life, all coupled with a passion for learning outdoors.

We play every day in our garden area, but love to venture further afield to our enclosed park area or even into the woods. We have staff who are not only dedicated practitioners, but also have specific training in planning for fun and safety when learning outdoors.

Learning is based around the children’s own needs and interests and they are involved in as many aspects of planning as possible, from daily routines such as lunch to special events including  sports day and graduation ceremonies. We believe in adding extra meaning to these experiences by fully involving the children in every aspect of their learning journey, and we welcome the opportunity to share the practical experience with you, the parent.

Our vision: learning through play

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At the Barnehage we aspire to create a fun, caring environment through excellent play opportunities. To achieve our aim, we will provide a high quality early years education which helps nurture children towards their full potential as confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners.

We deliver our vision by:

  • Improving children’s learning and development
  • Enhancing each child’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Providing a child-centred approach to learning
  • Encourage children to socialise with each other
  • Supporting children and families in a safe and healthy environment
  • Supporting and training a knowledgeable and caring workforce
  • Providing an environment that is well resourced, challenging and stimulating
  • Monitoring and evaluating our practice.

The Scandinavian way – a professional view


Sue Palmer, education consultant and author of “Toxic Childhood”, says, “Early years education in the Scandinavian countries is great fun for children – lots of outdoor activities, play-based learning, stories … it pays off later … even though Sweden and Finland don’t start formal learning ‘til children are seven, they always come top of the international literacy charts.”

Quality Provision

The Barnehage offers your child a rich, varied and well-resourced space to play, develop and learn. With the support of our self-motivated and highly trained staff, the nursery prides itself on its high ratio of qualified staff who are committed to continually upgrading their skills. We all understand the benefits of sharing knowledge with others to ensure we all are offering the best possible support to the children.

Menus & Healthy Eating

Healthy light meals and snacks always on the menu

The kitchen at the Barnehage is modern, efficient and maintained to the highest standards. We provide a varied menu of light, nutritious meals and snacks, such as the sample menus you see here. Please regard these menus as guides only – actual dishes vary on a daily basis.

Special dietary needs should be intimated well in advance of a child’s attendance at the Barnehage. No guarantee can be made as to our ability to meet every requirement and we reserve the right to restrict meals to our own menus.


Can you help Scotland’s most exciting new nursery grow? Career opportunities with Barnehage

We are building a strong team of dedicated professionals at Barnehage, emphasising that suitably qualified applicants should have a fundamental affinity for the challenge of working with nursery-age children (six months to five years), and a passion for pre-school education.

The Barnehage has close ties with a Norwegian chain of children’s nurseries, which enable us to offer opportunities for staff to travel to Norway for unique learning experiences.

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