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Active Play


“Children learn best when active,” say Early Years practitioners. But what is the best way to be active?

Active play is a way of allowing your children the freedom to explore via their own curiosity through a supportive learning environment rich in materials and resources. The children should be encouraged to develop their natural urge to be inquisitive, to wonder and learn. And that is the environment you will find at the Barnehage.

In June 2013 the Scottish Government published the first strategy for play, which is being used widely across Scotland. It is our mission at the Barnehage to include this policy as part of our daily practice and emphasise the importance of play and the benefits of allowing to do just that: PLAY!

Outdoor Play

Easy as 1, 2, 3. At the Barnehage we embrace the opportunity to provide outdoor play and experiences.

The children are encouraged to use any one of our three outdoor spaces. We have a sheltered outdoor space adjacent to the nursery, with doors opening directly onto it. Within this secluded purpose-built play space, the children can enjoy themselves with paints, water, sand, a playhut and more.

We also have a large, secure grassed space very nearby for us to use with the children, offering experiences of playing and running about on a real grass surface, which is sometimes squidgy, sometimes firm, sometimes wet, sometimes warm and dry, but always natural.

Barnehage children also benefit from our forest school experience for those of them aged three to five. In the forest school, just a few minutes’ walk up the road from the Barnehage, the children can climb, explore amongst trees, dig in mud, jump in puddles and generally be out and about in a genuine Scottish environment. We make the most of our outdoor play spaces all year round in all weather.




The curriculum at the Barnehage, and the way we implement it, conforms to all current regulations and compliance standards.

The Pre-Birth to 3 Guidelines:

  • Allow us to build on relationships with the children and parents
  • Permit us to provide the most rewarding and stimulating experiences for the children
  • Help us recognise and understand child development
  • Guide us in planning each child’s next step
  • Enable the children to be challenged in their learning
  • Help the children move forward in their development.

Barnehage staff are tuned into the children in their key worker groups and are adept at understanding and communicating with children of all ages – we appreciate that babies, for instance, tell us what they want and need by touching, smiling and making sounds.

Natural resources, space and light, as well as fresh air, are provided for Barnehage children on a daily basis, enabling them to enjoy the best environment for their development.

The Curriculum for Excellence:

Curriculum for Excellence is the national guidance programme used by The Barnehage to support our children in developing their ideas in learning.

In line with the Curriculum, we are constantly providing the children with stimulus and experiences and documenting the outcomes, so everyone can be confident about where the children’s development is going. We make sure each child’s progress is clearly tracked, recorded and shared using our online learning journal, which parents can access individually. This is just one way that The Barnehage helps all parents and children to feel even more involved in the learning experience.


These are just a few of the many positive comments we have received over the years: we thank the parents and guardians who sent them to us. At The Barnehage we welcome feedback of all kinds, it’s what helps us sustain and improve our standards.

The best way to judge us, of course, is by arranging your own visit >

Food for thought

Healthy helpings of variety and sustenance

Barnehage children are introduced to meals, snacks and ingredients as an important, interesting and even fun part of daily life. We don’t simply serve food as fuel (though it has that purpose too, of course), we prepare it with care and present it in ways that help the children know what they’re eating and drinking, and why.  And meal times are always sociable affairs.

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