Updated Aims for The Barnehage


Our Vision, Values and Aims for the Barnehage:


Building the ambition for the children in our care

Achieving their full potential through developing curiosity and wonder

Rights respecting environment

Nurturing through a natural play environment

Engaging and enriching experiences

Healthy, happy, children who develop skills for life-long learning

Active, ambitious, through everyday play and consultation

Genuinely caring staff, which will become an extension of your family

Early learning and childcare at its very best

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*Snow Day Weather Warning*

*Snow Days*

Please remember to be very careful, when driving to Nursery. Please remember to allow plenty of time when collecting from nursery.
The snow is going to continue right through the night till tomorrow, please check our facebook and website for an update.
We may not be able offer a fully staffed service based on how many staff can get into work, however we will try over very best for you all. 
Please watch this space for any further updates

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